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Used by RF & EMC Engineers

Unit conversion far field
Conducted immunity bci

Butterworth low pass
Power unit conversion

Radar various
Mixer spurs

Our RF-Toolbox is now available to assist electronic design engineers in their daily tasks developing RF circuits and systems. The toolbox covers a broad range of electronic calculations and is a Windows OS based program, allowing you to work without an internet connection!

The multi window design allows you to open more than one calculator at the same time.

  • Antennas and propagation, Friss etc.
  • EMC Radiated and Conducted (BCI) system design.
  • Radar (Range simulation and various radar related tools).
  • RF mixer spurious with various mixer spur-orders and mixer isolation levels.
  • Shielding (Skin depth, Near and Far field).
  • Impedance matching networks.
  • Interdigital RF filter design.
  • DSP FIR coefficients calculator, Low pass, High pass, Band pass and Band Stop Bessel Kaiser filter.
  • Various unit converters, Power, RF Field and Magnetic.
  • Analog filters.

The program is under full support with updates scheduled each quarter starting 1-Jul-22 and commencing 1-Oct-22, 1-Jan-23, 1-Apr-23 etc.

On the e-mail address you provide us to enable the download of RF Toolbox you will receive future update notifications when these updates are available and ready for download.

We are already working hard on the July-22 update version, with a lot of additional tools in the box!

Windows Versions 7 to 11 are supported, minimum display size 1280 * 1024.